Patient Testimonials

Thank you Dr. Brooks!! You are greatly appreciated and loved by my family. My little girl was only 18 months with a hemangioma on her face. She is now 9 years old, more beautiful than ever!

Elizabeth M. Lepselter Pediatric

“Dr. Brook’s and his staff are excellent. I would suggest him to my friends and colleagues.”

MikeMigraine Surgery

Dr. Brooks has been caring for my now 14 year old daughter. We had a grease fire in our home that she was badly burned in. She had large scars from 3rd degree burns to her leg and arm. Her scars are almost gone! Dr Brooks has the best staff ever ! Both Dr Brooks and his staff answer your calls or respond immediately. We love Dr Brooks and his staff ! Thanks for every thing!

Mayia Bkid care

“I love Dr. Brook’s.  People here treat you like family. This has changed my life.  I feel so unbelievably wonderful about myself. People tell me I look so good.  My procedures have given me lots of confidence.”

Susan T.

“I have two children and gravity seemed to have taken its toll. I’m very happy with my results.  I’m able to wear two-piece bathing suits and I feel really good about myself.

Adrian Breast Augmentation
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